Our School Mission

We are grateful for the sponsorship of Madam Ngan Po Ling, BBS, JP cum Chairman of Po Leung Kuk 2008-09. Our school was established in September, 2003,  and the first Po Leung Kuk secondary school under the Direct Subsidy Scheme.

With the sound tradition of Po Leung Kuk education policy, a well equipped Y2K school premise, experienced and enthusiastic school administrators, quality teachers, and flexibility in utilization of school resources, we are able to provide diversified and all-round education for our students and bring out their potential.



感謝顏顏寶鈴女士, BBS, JP兼保良局戊子年主席,使我們成為保良局教育機構轄下的第一間直接資助中學,並於二零零三年九月正式開辦。


Our Mission:

  • We aim at providing students with a happy, harmonious and positive learning environment conducive to moral, academic, physical, social, personal and artistic development.
  • We nurture students with solid foundation for further studies and better career prospects.
  • We promote students' language proficiency in English, Chinese and Putonghua, and skills in Information Technology.
  • We help students build up confidence, thinking skills, analytical skills and perpetual learning ability in order to better prepare them for the challenge in the 21st century.
  • We promote all-round education in students' moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development.


  • 我們致力為同學提供理想的學習環境,營造關懷、愉快及積極的校園文化,使同學在品德、知識、體格、社交及藝術各方面得以充分發展。
  • 我們著重培養同學的基礎學習能力及鞏固同學的學業根基,為同學日後升學或就業作好準備。
  • 我們提升同學兩文三語及資訊科技能力。
  • 我們協助同學建立自信、獨立思考能力及鼓勵同學持續學習,使同學能積極面對廿一世紀的挑戰。
  • 我們為同學提供全人教育,以支援學生在德、智、體、群、美方面的發展。