JUPAS Result Release 2023


The rates of university entry, JUPAS degree offer and the university destination in 2023 are the best records since our school commencement in 2003. Most F.6 graduates have been admitted to various top-tier local and overseas universities this year. Below are some highlights.








The University of Hong Kong

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Psychology

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance / Bachelor of Business

Administration in Accounting Data Analytics

Bachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Economics and Finance

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Applied Artificial Intelligence

Science Master Class (double degree)

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in Language Education - English (double


Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science

Bachelor of Engineering





The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Medicine (MBChB) Programme


Government and Public Administration


Hospitality and Real Estate

BEng in Financial Technology

BEng in Electronic Engineering





The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Engineering with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence

Science (Group B)


Business and Management

BBA in Economics

BBA in Marketing

BSc in Sustainable and Green Finance

Tsinghua University


University of Toronto

Co-op in Management and International Business in University of Toronto (Scarborough)

University of Bath

Chemical Engineering with professional placement

University of Queensland

Bachelor of Veterinary Science


81.5% of the F.6 students have received degree offer from JUPAS, in which more than half of them entering HKU, CUHK and HKUST.