Our school is a Y2K school campus with an extra self-financed New Annex of 7,000 square meters. Other than standardized classrooms, special rooms and laboratories, we provide spacious and decent school environment and state-of-the-art facilities which enhance all round and diversified education as well as effective learning.





Science Centre


The Astronomy and Meteorology Science Centre is the cradle of science education. It is equipped with computer systems to control the telescope on the roof during star gazing activities. 


The Star Gazing Corner, with the largest refractors among all Hong Kong secondary schools, consists of two domes for observing planets and galaxies, providing opportunities for students to explore the outer space and widen their exposure. We also hold regular astronomy seminars and workshops for the public.


Equipped with advanced analytical research instruments such as Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), the Chinese Medicine Research Centre is where our Chinese Medicine Research Team conducts research like Chinese medicine authentication and studies on the active ingredients in Chinese herbs. 


Sports Facilities


Our gym room is where we have our fitness programmes. School team members are especially trained up here on their muscular power. Some PE lessons would also take place in this room to help every student keep fit.


The race track promotes our Athletics Team's on-campus training. It also further enhances our PE facilities, nurturing a healthy lifestyle for students.


The indoor swimming pool well facilitates our PE curriculum and school team training. The pool is sterilized by Miox mixed oxidant disinfecting system which does not do harm on swimmers’ hair, eyes and skin. The newly installed drowning detection system further enhances safety of swimmers.


Together with the race track, our long jump pit promotes our Athletics Team's on-campus training. It also further enhances our PE facilities, nurturing a healthy lifestyle for students.





Students can make live broadcasts at the Campus TV Station, thereby developing their creativity, multimedia techniques and presentation skills. We produce both English and Putonghua programmes.


The conference room provides a venue for holding important meetings and receiving guests from the education circle and the community. This is also where the full-day programmes of our internal Model United Nations take place.


Exchange Room is our Exchange Programme Centre which is the headquarter for multi-lateral cultural exchange activities. It is specially designed for exhibitions and receiving administrators, teachers and students from our overseas sister schools.


Multipurpose Room 1 is equipped with all necessary IT equipment to serve as a meeting hub allowing students, teachers, parents and educators to have professional exchanges. 

Multipurpose Room 2 is for interview and meeting room for student leaders, teachers, parents and new students. 

Multipurpose Room 3 is used for small group teaching sessions and parents meetings.

Multipurpose Room 4 is perfect for counselling and personal growth workshops for small groups and individuals.

Multipurpose Room 5 serves as a cosy space for student support work as well as a gathering place for Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Teachers as well as social workers will arrange individual or small group consultation with students. PTA committee and volunteers may have causal gatherings and meetings. 

The Mini Hall is a perfect venue for seminars, talks and mini-concerts.


Besides our main hall, the New Era Hall is another important venue for large-scale activities from guest talks to assemblies. This is where students congregate to explore, experience and learn in a wider scale.

除主禮堂外,本校新建的多用途禮堂New Era Hall也為各項大型活動提供場地,包括講座、表演、典禮等。

The Orchestra Room is a perfect venue for playing Chinese and Western music. Various music teams can practise and develop their music talents while our school teams can well prepare for performances and external competitions.


At our student hostels, boarding facilities include a common area, a laundry room and a pantry, etc. Boarders can enjoy comfortable and quality accommodation with splendid sea views. Wardens are recruited on both floors to take care of students' everyday life and studies.