Innovating Beauty: School Celebrates Successful Patent Registration for DIY Liquid Lipstick Kit


We are buzzing with excitement as news of a successful patent registration spreads throughout the campus. The groundbreaking invention, a Do It Yourself (DIY) Kit for Liquid Lipstick preparation, which allows individuals to unleash their creativity and tailor-make their own lip colors, has successfully registered for a Hong Kong short-term patent (HK30086393). This revolutionary preparation apparatus promises to transform the beauty industry and empower consumers to express their unique style. Congratulations to our student inventors!

The successful patent registration for the DIY liquid lipstick kit reflects the spirit of innovation and creativity that thrives within the school. The student inventors have demonstrated their commitment to revolutionizing the beauty industry and empowering individuals to take control of their personal style.

All student inventors have found immense excitement on the patent application journey. Students expressed that the meeting between the inventors and patent attorney allows them to gain invaluable feedback on their patent application. The attorney shared insights on how to leverage patents to attract potential investors and establish a strong market position. Understanding the commercial value of their invention, the students now possess the knowledge and confidence to navigate the business landscape effectively. This served as a valuable learning experience for the students, equipping them with essential skills for future patent endeavors.

The school is proud to support and celebrate the achievements of students and research team members. They recognize the immense potential of this invention to inspire budding entrepreneurs and spark further innovation in various fields.

This is the second time for our school to successfully register for a Hong Kong short-term patent. We will continue to foster an environment where innovation flourishes, and this latest success serves as a testament to our commitment to nurturing bright minds and groundbreaking ideas.

Student Inventors:

6C YEUNG Ophelia            楊鎧澄
6IB CHU Lok Yiu Ashley              朱樂遙
6IB MOK Anson                    莫駿謙
6IB SIU Ka Hei Harold         蕭珈晞
6IB WONG Tin Yan Tiana             王天恩
5IB CHAN Tsz Yau Ethel              陳籽攸


Teacher In-charge:

Dr. LEE Ka Ho