RoboMaster Robotics Competition 2023


Jointly organized by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Volunteer Team, Po Leung Kuk and DJI Technology Co., Ltd (Education), RoboMaster Robotics Competition 2023 was successfully held in our school on 4 November 2023. 24 tech-savvy students in teams of four were nominated by our school to join this event.

The event began with a three-hour workshop in which each team was provided with a robot to get familiar with robot design and gain hands-on experience on mobilizing the robot to complete different tasks through coding. The twelve teams were then given a chance to showcase their learning outcome by participating in team battles like playing esports, but with real robots. After a series of intense team battles, our school reaped the 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up.   

More importantly, heartfelt gratitude must be conveyed to the co-organizers for giving our young technology enthusiasts a learning opportunity to acquire a taste for engineering and technology in such joyful, interactive and practical manner.