Seminar of Media and Information Literacy


We strive to nurture our students to be a kind and respectful netizen with discernment. 


To increase students’ awareness towards media and information literacy, our Basic Law Student Ambassadors joined a seminar (與中學生和老師談新聞), which was organized by Hong Kong Press Council with the support of Quality Education Fund on 6 Nov 2021 (Sat). 


After listening to the speech given by Dr. CHOI Yuk Lin (Under Secretary for Education), Ms. Ada CHUNG Lai-ling (Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data) and other honourable guests, our students acquired the ‘key’ to analyse and evaluate the information received via different channels, i.e. 

  • S: Check the ‘sources’ of the information
  • O: Distinguish ‘opinion’ and fact 
  • S: Find ‘supporting’ of the information