Po Leung Kuk Outstanding School Award 2023

Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College has made remarkable achievements in academic performance, extracurricular activities, Form 1 admission and the External School Review (ESR) conducted by Education Bureau in recent years. For DSE results,  a total of 27 subjects have attained the best value-added performance. More than 70% of the graduates obtained degree offers from JUPAS, and more than 60% were admitted by the top three universities in Hong Kong. For IB, all graduates acquired degree offers from both local and world-renowned universities. 97% of Form 6 students also achieved Level 6 to 8.5 in IELTS. The school won more than 220 awards in academic and non-academic competitions in the past two years. The achievements in Chinese medicine research and scientific research are particularly outstanding. Recently, students have successfully applied for patents for their research inventions. The Education Bureau also rated the school as excellent in the areas of school management, principal leadership and student growth in the latest ESR. This is also the second time for the School to be awarded the "Po Leung Kuk Outstanding School Award" within 4 years. 

保良局顏寶鈴書院近年於學業成績、課外活動、中一收生,及教育局外評均表現卓越。 DSE 成績,三年來共 27 科次之增值表現達極為理想級別。逾七成畢業生獲得大學聯招學位,超過六成被三間香港歷史悠久的大學取錄。在 IB 方面,全部畢業生均獲得本地及世界知名大學學位。 97% 中六同學亦於 IELTS 取得第六至八點五級水平。兩年間學校於學術及非學術範疇活動及比賽奪得逾 220 個獎項。在中藥研究及科研成就尤其突出,最近更為學生研究發明申請專利 。教育局外評更就學校管理、校長領導及學生成長範疇評為優異。是次亦為四年內兩度榮獲「保良局傑出學校獎」。