IBDP Year 1 Admission 2024-2025

Application Period: 20 May 2024 – 11 June 2024

For internal applicants

Please download the application form here and submit the completed form via eClass to the [email protected].

For external applicants

Please submit the application via the HKT Platform using the link below:

Year 1 Admission Assessment and Interview Details

Only shortlisted external applicants need to attend a written assessment of the six subjects they opt to study in Year 1 and an interview on 22 June 2024.

Admission Interview assesses language skills, communication skills and general aptitude.

Annual School Fee

IBDP Year 1 & Year 2 (Form 5 & Form 6 equivalent) (2023-2024): 

HK$95,000 in 10 installments for Year 1

HK$95,000 in 7 installments for Year 2

* The fee is subject to change in the year 2024-2025


Scholarships and Fee Remissions are available. Click here for details.