F.1 Admission


Application for Form 1 Admission 2023 – 2024 Phase II

Admission Application (Phase II)
Admission Application Period: 11 July 2023 (Tuesday) – 12 July 2023 (Wednesday) 
Applicants may download the admission application form here.

Applicants should submit the completed application form, together with the required documents and the admission fee ($50 in cash), to the school in person at or before 16:00 on 11 – 12 July 2023.

The required documents for application submission are: 

  •  A copy of applicant’s HKID Card/Passport (If the HKID Card is not for permanent residents, a STAY PERMIT   has to be attached.)
  •  A copy of the “Admission Slip” (issued by EDB)
  •  Academic report cards for the past 3 years 
  •  A student’s photo

All applicants will be invited for interviews upon successful submission of applications. The application process will be closed once all 2023 – 2024 Form 1 places are filled.

Successful applicants will be contacted via telephone call for registration details. Should you have any enquires, you may contact our Form 1 Admission Committee 2023 – 2024.

2023 – 2024 中一入學申請須知 (第二階段)

入學申請 (第二階段)
入學申請日期: 二零二三年七月十一日(星期二)至 二零二三年七月十二日(星期三)

申請人須把已填妥之入學申請表格,連同所需文件及入學申請費用(現金港幣 50 元正),於二零二三年七月十一日至十二日四時正或之前親身交回本校。 


  • 香港身份證/ 護照影印本  (非持有永久居民身份證者,需另附居留期限證明)
  • 入學註冊證影印本 (由教育局發出)
  • 過去三年的學術成績表
  • 一張學生相片

所有申請人將於遞交表格後即時進行入學面試,2023 – 2024中一學位額滿即止。

獲取錄之申請人將會收到電話通知入學註冊程序。如有問題,可致電聯絡2023 – 2024中一收生委員會。