Other Learning Experience (OLE) Week < 14 to 16 July 2021 >

Posted on:2021/07/30

To widen students’ horizons and to develop their lifelong interests, our school has organized 20 OLE activities from 14 to 16 July 2021 ranging from science exploration, language learning, sports to aesthetic appreciation and application.

All these activities enriched the school life of our students during the pandemic. Not only did students gain learning experiences, but they were also nurtured with the five essential Chinese virtues: ‘Ethics, Intellect, Physical Development, Social Skills and Aesthetics’ (德、智、體、羣、美).

Students were given the following OLE choices to choose from:

Aesthetic Development

Floral Arrangement Workshop

Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop

Handchimes Workshop

Ukulele Workshop

Singing Workshop

English Musical Performance

Film Appreciation

Career-related Experiences

Astronomy Workshop

Seminar on E-payment

Drone Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop

French Workshop (Beginner)

French Workshop (Intermediate)


Moral and Civic Education

ICAC Online Tour

Chinese Cultural Exploration

Health Talk and Test





Physical Development

Basketball Skill Workshop

Badminton Skill Workshop

Football Skill Workshop

Volleyball Skill Workshop





Click HERE to view the highlights.