Po Leung Kuk “Boundless Compassion.Solidarity in Action”

Posted on:2020/08/07

Donate and support Po Leung Kuk “Boundless Compassion.Solidarity in Action” COVID-19 Response Programme to tide over the difficult times with the disadvantaged

Adversely affected by the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many underprivileged and the grassroots are facing heavy financial burden and difficulties in coping with daily food expenditure due to underemployment or unemployment. Po Leung Kuk cordially invites you to lend a helping hand at this critical moment. We count on your ardent support to the "Boundless Compassion.Solidarity in Action” COVID-19 Response Programme in providing timely assistance to the affected grassroots families and their children.


Food and nutrition supplies

Po Leung Kuk delivers food packs/ nutrition packs to the service recipients through its service units including food bank “Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Project”, child care service units and Shek Kip Mei Community Services Centre, to supplement the basic nutritional needs of the grassroots families, in particular their children. The Po Leung Kuk Community Canteens have also increased the distribution of hot meals to the needy (including the elderly, the disabilities and the unemployed). Every HK$350 donated by our benefactors will enable a person with low-income, jobless or in need to receive food packs/ hot meals for a week, or provide a nutrition pack to a child from grassroots families. With the growth in donation, the Kuk hopes to ally with more organizations in various districts to expand the distribution network and implement more anti-pandemic measures, so as to benefit more families in need.


Endless service in our fight against the pandemic

Po Leung Kuk has launched a series of anti-pandemic supportive measures, including the distribution of anti-pandemic supplies to over 18,000 households of the grassroots families, free medical consultation services by its Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinics, subsidies on school fees and other miscellaneous charges and the launching of anti-pandemic exercising short videos, etc., benefiting nearly 34,000 attendances. The Kuk will introduce other necessary supportive measures to assist members of the community, who are adversely affected by the pandemic. Your donation will allow the Kuk to respond swiftly and effectively to meet the needs in the society.