Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College Swimming Pool Complex Annex 11 September 2007

Ideal School Premises for Nurturing Future Talents

We believe that a pleasant school environment does encourage learning, create a happy school life and build up a sense of belonging among students. Since the school commencement in 2003, we have been committed to furnish our Y2K campus with modern facilities and advanced equipment for a pleasing learning atmosphere. With the completion of our annex Ngan Hei Keung Building, this objective can be further achieved.

Brand New Facilities for Effective Teaching and Learning

Ground Floor and Mezzanine Floor
The indoor year-round swimming pool is a new sports facility for PE curriculum and school team training. The pool is sterilized by Miox mixed oxidant disinfecting system which does not do harm on swimmers’ hair, eyes and skin.

First Floor
The Exchange Programme Centre is the headquarter for multi-lateral cultural exchange activities. It is specially designed for exhibition and receiving guests - administrators, teachers and students from our overseas sister schools.
The function hall is a prefect venue for seminars, talks and mini-concerts, while the practice rooms are used for practicing instrumental music and dancing for cultivating students’ artistic talents.

Second Floor
To facilitate the NSS Curriculum, the Humanities Study Centre is established for project learning or co-curricular activities. On the same floor, students can make live broadcast at the Campus TV Station. Through working in the studio, their creativity, multimedia techniques, and presentation skills can be developed. Our TV programmes can be produced in both English and Putonghua channels.
The Chinese Orchestra Room and Western Orchestra Room are perfect venues for playing Chinese and Western music. Various music teams can practice and develop their music talents while our school teams can well prepare for performances and external competitions.

Third Floor
The Astronomy and Meteorology Science Centre is a base for science education. It is equipped with computer systems so that the telescope on the roof floor can be controlled during star gazing activities.
The Chinese Room, English Room and Mathematics Room are not only storage space for teaching aids, resources and reference books, but also spacious classrooms for promoting active learning ethos. There students can conduct project works and group discussions, so that their critical thinking and communication skills can be further consolidated.
The annex also provides students and parents with private space for meeting and organizing activities. The Student Union and PTA Room are specially designed for members of Student Union and Parent-teacher Association respectively. Selling counter will also be set up in the former room so that students can experience the operation of business in the campus.

Fourth Floor and Fifth Floor
The two floors are respectively male and female hostels* which are constructed to meet with the new education trend, and help facilitate the launching of cultural exchange programmes with foreign schools. The boarding facilities include common area, laundry room and pantry. Boarders can enjoy comfortable and quality accommodation with splendid sea views.
Wardens are recruited on each floor to take care of student residents’ daily lives and study. Routines are set for students to lead a healthy, rewarding and happy hostel life. For example, study period is scheduled every night and functions are to be held on festive or special occasions under the supervision of wardens.

Roof Floor
The Star Gazing Corner, with the largest facilities and refractors among all Hong Kong secondary schools, consists of 2 domes for observing planets and galaxies. By using large-scale telescopes and superb scientific devices, students can explore the outer space and hence, their international and universal perspective can be widened.
Our school will also hold regular astronomy seminars and workshops for primary schools in the local district. This can definitely promote general science education among children and make valuable contribution to the education sector of Hong Kong.

New Milestone for More Accomplishments

The school annex symbolizes a new milestone of our school. From now on, a more diversified curriculum and more extra-curricular activities are to be developed for quality all-round education and for the wholesome growth of our students which nurtures highly skilled and talented persons of tomorrow.


*A Brief Introduction of Hostel Facilities

Floor Area on each floor: approximately 6,000 square feet
No. of boarding places available: 22 places in each hostel
Facilities: Study Area, Common Area, Boarders’ Rooms, Warden Room, Pantry, Laundry Room and Toilet/Changing Room
Room types: Ten rooms on each floor and the majority of them are 2-person rooms
Provision: live-in warden, private tuition, meal (breakfast and dinner) and laundry service
Hostel Fee per annum: $54,000 to be paid in 10 monthly installments

Download Student Hostel Admission Application Form