Career Guidance

A. Major Concerns and Planning

1. Different themes will be set for each level to strengthen students’ understanding and life-planning skills.


Main Focus





Life simulation 模擬人生 (booth games in hall with debriefing)

2nd Test/Exam


Exploration of career development in Hong Kong

Life simulation 模擬人生 (booth games in hall with debriefing)

2nd Test/Exam


Understanding of different occupations and studies in Hong Kong.

1. Career Express (simulation of different careers)

2. Subject Selection Talk

-1st Test/Exam
- 2nd Test


Understanding of university programmes through campus visit and alumni sharing

1. Career Talk (F.4 & F.5)
2. Career Visit 
3. Alumni Sharing

-1st Test/Exam
-Post Exam


Introduction of overseas studies and different pathways of post secondary education

1. Career Talk (F.4 & F.5)
2. University Visit 
3. Mock JUPAS

-1st Test/Exam
-Post Exam
-Life Edu (Before 3rd parents day)


Local and non-local studies application

JUPAS Application

Whole Year

2. Workshops and seminars related to career planning will be conducted in hall assembly and Life Education lessons.

3. Internship and firm visits will be arranged for senior form students to better understand the career development in Hong Kong.

4. Career Expo will be conducted by Career Prefects to raise students’ awareness of career planning. They will set up booths with different themes, e.g. prioritizing skills most wanted by employers in the 21st century, matching of jobs and requirements, most wanted job natures (compensation/ work-life balance/ working environment, etc). 





Implementation Plan  

Major Concern 1: To strengthen students’ life-planning skills

Aptitude test will be integrated in the LE curriculum for students’ better self-understanding in order to facilitate the selection of studies and career paths. 

Workshops such as Career Express Workshop and Subject Selection Workshop will be held in junior LWL lessons for better career planning.

Different firm visits and university visits will be organized in order to provide students with university admission information and hands-on experience of different jobs. 

Hall assembly will be held to introduction students different careers.

Reading materials related to career development will be prepared in school library as well as homerooms as students’ reference.

Website related to different application procedures and information of both local and overseas studies will be promoted to senior form students for better planning of their studies and career paths. 

Alumni sharing will be conducted for senior form students for better understanding of the tertiary education as well as the career prospect of different occupations. 

Talks and materials related to JUPAS and EAPP will be provided to F.5 and F.6 students to make them familiar with the application requirements and procedures.

Information on EAPP, Mainland, Taiwan and overseas studies will be promoted to F.6 students in order to broaden their career choice.

Internship will be arranged for senior form students for better understanding of different career paths and occupations.



Major Concern 2: To well implement fee remission & scholarship schemes

Explore different opportunities of applying external award and scholarship schemes. 

Evaluate and streamline application procedures of both external and school-based fee remission and scholarship schemes. 

Implement the internal scholarship schemes (e.g. HKDSE and internal exam scholarship) aiming at encouraging students to develop better learning habits.

Streamline the subsidy scheme for exchange programmes, overseas forums and international competitions. Senior forms will be especially encouraged to take part in more international competitions and forums.