Macau, Zhongshan historical and cultural study tour

Posted on:2016/04/24

In order to help students better understand the history and development of Hong Kong region surrounding cities, school forty Four and Five students in April 2015 15-16 to participate in the "Macau, Zhongshan historical and cultural study tour." Students visited the Macau Tower, Macau Museum, Macao Museum, Ruins of St. Paul and so many monuments, learn about the history of Macau colonial and social planning and development today, broaden their horizons. After the period, the students have the opportunity to visit the former residence of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Sun Yat-sen in the late Qing Dynasty and understanding of the contribution of the revolution, and enhance students to the nation's identity.

The teacher took the students out of the classroom, students actively learning in different places to visit, to see and hear is a study tour to learn the history textbooks and sensible cooperation, a more comprehensive grasp of South China's modern history and current national trends.