A Talk by the Field Prize 2010 Winner - Pr. Cedric Villani

Posted on:2016/04/20

Cheung Chi Ho Owen and Chan Sheung Chi Jeffrey had the chance to participate at a talk held on April 14th, 2016 by Fields Prize 2010 (equivalent of Nobel Prize in Math) - Pr. Cédric Villani at Parenthèses in Central.

Cédric Villani has worked on the theory of partial differential equations involved in statistical mechanics, specifically the Boltzmann equation. He was the first to prove how quickly convergence occurs for initial values not near equilibrium. He has also worked on nonlinear Landau damping. He has worked on the theory of optimal transport and its applications to differential geometry, and has defined a notion of bounded Ricci curvature for general measured length spaces. He received the Fields Medal for his work on Landau damping and the Boltzmann equation.

During the talk, he described the development of his theorem in his autobiographical book Théorème vivant (2012), published in English translation as Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure (2015) and explained in depth his profession and discussed about the math methodologies in the education, in reference to his collaboration to the movie 'How I came to hate math'.