Project Hope 2015-2016 – Service trip to Liannan, Qingyuan

Posted on:2016/04/19

Aiming at extending our love and care to deprived school children in impoverished villages of Guangdong province, yearly Project Hope was carried out from 19th to 23rd March 2016 as planned. This year 23 mainstream students and 18 IB (preparatory year) students together with our school principal, Dr. Hong, and 5 teachers went to Liannan, Qingyuan and paid a visit to Liannan Ethnic Senior High for cultural exchange and voluntary service. More importantly, school administrators of the two schools successfully worked out the sister-school linkage for future development.

With the programme objectives entirely accomplished, the 5-day-4-night service trip provided our students with a practical and valuable opportunity to perceive the contrast between their state of plenty and hardship borne by their local buddies. Throughout the trip, our students were deeply impressed by the traits of their local peers, especially their fortitude, modesty, diligence in learning and contentment with difficult life. These are undoubtedly conducive to students’ self-reflection and life goal setting.

Concerning the activities conducted, they were in a great variety and very rich in terms of cultural exchange. For example, our students were actively engaged in an interest class in which they learnt how to make *Yao’s handicraft. Besides, they, together with students of host school, also gave performances in a cultural night in which everyone had a terrific time.

On top of the above, our students devoted themselves to voluntary service. For instance, they taught English and coached ECA for the local senior-one students for two days in which our students were highly praised for their high English proficiency and interactive teaching. For the sake of having a better understanding of poverty and culture of Yao people, our students and teachers paid family visits to some local students by having a two-hour walk uphill to mountainous terrain where Yao people reside. Even though the walk was a bit harsh, our students and teachers had very fruitful dialogues with the host families and achieved the aforesaid purposes.

As for the development of Project Hope in the near future, our two sister schools (i.e.南畝鎮九年一貫制學校 and Liannan Ethnic Senior High) have committed to receive us for our yearly Project Hope which will continue to serve as a platform for mainstream students’ voluntary service and IB students’ CAS programme. Most importantly, heartfelt thanks and gratitude must be conveyed to all participants for their devotion and unfailing support, particularly to our school principal, Dr. Hong, and Mrs. Cheung, mother of Natalie Cheung (5A1), who has been sponsoring stationery for the programme for four consecutive years.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Lam Cho Hon

*Yao people (an ethnic minority group) form one of the fifty five ethnic minority groups officially recognized by the People's Republic of China, where they reside in the mountainous terrain of the southwest and south.



School tour (Yao culture room)

Group photo at school entrance

Our students enjoy the Yao handicraft lesson so much.

Many of our students are first-timer in making handicraft.

Walking uphill for family visits

Walking uphill for family visits

Primitive housing of Yao people

Primitive housing of Yao people

Yao people are very friendly

Yao people are very friendly.

Family visit with fruitful dialogues

Our students teach local F.4 students English.

Our students teach local F.4 students English.

ECA class (making handicraft) conducted by our students

ECA class (dodge ball) conducted by our students

Performance given by our students in cultural night