Project Hope 2015-2016 – Service trip to Nanmu, Shaoguan

Posted on:2016/04/19

Project Hope to Nanmu, Shaoguan has successfully been held during the Easter holiday.

The group departed from Hung Hom Station on 19 March, 2016 for of this 8-day-7-night trip. 5 teachers and 14 IB students traveled to 韶關南雄市南畝鎮九年貫學校. Despite the rain, our students had served in different areas to their greatest extend. They acted as an English teacher to teach the junior secondary students. They became trainers to teach and compete with the local students in sports activities. They devoted themselves as a local farmer to work in the field. At the end, they shared their life experience during the interview with local family.

This might not be as comfortable as the tours our students have had before, but the experience they gained must have been a treasure for them.

Teacher In-charge: Mr. Ko Ho Man