School Visit by Ms Mary Cheung and Her Consultants

Posted on:2016/03/23

Developing good characters and core values among students is one of our school missions. Every year, we are dedicated to achieving this goal by different means such as thematic guidance mass programmes, life education, hall assembly, student leaders training and ABC camp.

We are glad that Ms Mary Cheung and her consultants visited our school on 9 March 2016 to share their unique insights about developing mannerisms and professional image. During her visit, Ms Cheung proposed a series of training workshops on image building & grooming, social manners & etiquette, interview skills and table manners etc aiming at nurturing personal propriety, courtesy and personal image for our students.

Ms Cheung is a well-experienced and devoted Managing Director in professional imaging, international business etiquette, marketing and public relations. She leads her consulting team to provide professional training courses to private business sectors, government departments, universities and educational institutions in Hong Kong. In recent years, Ms Cheung has started to promote good manners and etiquette in childhood and adolescence through talks and trainings in secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens.

We are thankful to Ms Cheung and her consulting team for their support to our school. We look forward to more professional guidance from them in the future through talks and training courses for Nganpolingians as well as staff development programmes for our teachers.