Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College New Era Hall & Sports Ground Opening Ceremony cum Dedication Ceremony

Posted on:2016/03/01

The completion of a running track and a long jump pit, and the conversion of the covered playground into multi-purpose hall have undoubtedly further elevated school environment, diversified learning experience and enriched school life. We are grateful to our School Supervisor Madam Pauline Ngan Po Ling for her donation to this enhancement project. These new school facilities are named “New Era Sports Ground” and “New Era Hall”, which signify the true partnership between New Era Cap Co., Inc, and Madam Ngan’s Mainland Headwear Holding Ltd over the past 8 years 

In celebration of the grand opening of New Era Hall and New Era Sports Ground, as well as in appreciation of Madam Ngan’s generosity to our school, the New Era Hall & Sports Ground Opening Ceremony cum Dedication Ceremony was held on 21 January 2016.

We are obliged to have invited Mr. Yeung Kin Hung Kevin, JP, Under Secretary for Education, Education Bureau, to officiate our ceremony. Other honorable guests included Dr. Pollyanna Y. W. Chu, Chairman of Po Leung Kuk, Madam Ngan Po Ling and Mr. Ngan Hei Keung, Mr. Christopher Koch, CEO/ President of New Era Cap Company Inc., Dr. Eleanor K. C. Kwok, BBS, Vice Chairman of Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College, and Mrs. Winnie W. L. Chan, Director of Po Leung Kuk.

The stunning performance of our Handbell Team, African dancers and African drummers followed by ribbon-cutting, plaque-unveiling, roast-pig-cutting and lion dance were highlights of the occasion. All our guests and audience were impressed by the team spirit, hard work and multi talents of all members of Ngan Po Ling College.

We would like to pay our tribute to Madam Ngan for her tremendous support to the education service in Po Leung Kuk. With brand new sports facilities and the third function hall, Ngan Po Ling College is on the threshold of a new era for the provision of all round education and making further breakthroughs. We also wish New Era Cap Co., Inc, and Mainland Headwear Holding Ltd sustainable prosperity, assuring the role of the leading headgear manufacturers across the globe.