Project Hope 2012-2013 – Trip to Nanxiong, Shaoguan

Posted on:2013/05/28

Aiming at extending our love and care to the underprivileged school children in poverty-stricken villages of Guangdong province, Project Hope was successfully carried out during Easter holidays from 27th to 30th March 2013. This year we, 30 students from different levels together with 2 parents and 5 teachers, went to Nanxiong, Shaoguan and paid a visit to韶關南雄市南畝鎮九年貫學校. Unlike previous years, Project Hope of this year is of a particular meaning to our school since the school we visited is our first sister school in mountainous region of mainland China. This connection definitely enables students to have regular and in-depth exchange in the near future.

With the goal of the programme accomplished, the 4-day-3-night trip allowed our students to perceive the contrast between their materially prosperous life and their local buddies’ deprived life. For instance, during the trip, our students stayed at the school hostel where the hygiene was below standard of Hong Kong. They slept on double-deck beds without pillow, mattress and comforter. As for showering, students had to get a couple of buckets of hot water 100 metres away from their rest place and then took turn to shower with the water mug by mug. These are for sure unforgettable experiences to our students.

Concerning the activities conducted, our students actively devoted themselves to serving as English teachers in primary school where they were highly praised for their good English proficiency and fervently welcomed by local students. In the meantime, Nganpolingians were deeply impressed by their local peers, especially their hospitality, diligence in learning, modesty and contentment with difficult life. On top of serving as tutors, our students also paid home visit to some local students after class. They had a chance to taste farmhouse dishes and join farm field trip.

By and large, not only is Project Hope a life experiential programme, but also an opportunity for national education, value education and moral education. Hopefully this programme would engage more students in the years to come. Most importantly, heartfelt thanks and gratitude must be conveyed to all participants for their devotion and support, particularly to our school principal for her generosity in sponsoring a new teaching complex to this sister school so that students there could greatly benefit.

Teacher In-charge: Mr. Lam Cho Hon

Our arrivial on day 1
Group photo of day 1
Student hostel (bed)
Student hostel (canteen)
Student hostel (bathroom)
Appearance of the new teaching complex sponsored by our school principal
Classroom of the new teaching complex
Our students being English teachers
Student exchange and sharing session
Welcome party
Welcome party
Going to family visit
Having lunch with the family
Farm field trip
Student sharing with self reflection
Group photo of last day