Project Hope 2011-2012 – Trip to Le’chang, Shaoguan

Posted on:2012/06/28

We have been paying annual visit to remote and poverty-stricken villages in Guangdong province of our home country since our school commencement. This year is no exception and we, 31 students from different levels together with our school principal, 3 parents and 4 teachers went to Le’chang and paid a visit to Ping Shi Shi Yan Xue Xiao (樂昌市坪石實驗學校) during Easter holiday from 30th March to 2nd April. 

On the day we set off and headed our destination, we had an opportunity of experiencing the state-of-the-art technology and prosperity of our rising motherland. At the very beginning of the trip, we travelled to Guangzhou by coach speeding through cities along well connected flyovers which enabled us to reach Guangzhou from Shenzhen in one and a half hours. We then took the high-speed rail to Shaoguan. The Guangzhou railway station we set off is the largest rail station in Asia. Its grandness is comparable to our Hong Kong International Airport. Moreover, we were all impressed and amazed by the world-class high-speed rail which brought us to Shaoguan in precisely scheduled 45 minutes with an average speed 325 km/hr. Upon our arrival at Shaoguan, we toured the Nanling National Forest Park where we were all fascinated by the breathtaking natural landscape of China.

During the 4-day-3-night trip, our students came across a lot of unforgettable moments. For instance, they actively devoted themselves to serving as student teacher in the school where their good English proficiency was highly praised. Our students were also fervently welcomed by the local students. Though plight faced by the local underprivileged students saddened our students, their diligence and enthusiasm in learning definitely inspired our students and prompted them to reflect and realize how lucky they are as well as cherishing what they possess. On top of being student teacher, our students also paid home visits to some local students after class. They had a chance to experience rural lifestyle and taste farmhouse dishes.

All in all, heartfelt thanks and gratitude must be conveyed to all participants for their devotion and support. Finding the trip very meaningful, all participants are looking forward to the visit next year if they have a chance. By and large, not only is Project Hope a life experiential programme, but also a programme which is rich in national education, value education and moral education. Hopefully this programme would engage more students in the years to come. More importantly, our school plans to establish a teaching building for local primary education in Le’chang in the near future. Fund will be raised for this purpose through different channels as well as major school functions and hence your support is very much appreciated. Let’s join hands to make contribution to the betterment of the younger generation of Hong Kong as well as mainland China.

Teacher In-charge: Mr. Lam Cho Hon