Guidance Week

Posted on:2012/04/18

The theme of our school-wide Guidance Week this year is .warmth under the sunshine・. To promote sunshine ethos among students, various activities were organized.

Insightful works of different subjects were created by our students and shown on display boards for students・ appreciation. There were also booth games through which students learnt different components of being sunshine (.appreciative・, .caring・, .positive・, .healthy・, .cheerful・ and .harmonious・ ). We were also honored to have invited the staff from the .Bapist Oi Kwan Social Service・ to give a talk about positive thinking. Towards the end of the week, students made concerted efforts to complete the .collective work・ by decorating big banner with pictures which they had taken in our booths. Their smiley faces in the pictures did embellish the banner much!

The events organized and the works shown during Guidance Week were a result of collaborative hard work by different subject panels and functional committees. Contributions to the numerous display boards exhibited during the Week were made by students・ effort in various subjects such as English, Chinese, French, Liberal Studies and Visual Arts. The popular memo pad and single-lined paper selling counters were set up by students taking Business Studies and the Student Union respectively with the active support of teachers. Not only does Guidance Week help provide a platform for students to show their talents in different aspects, it also encourages appreciation among students. It is hoped that students can learn to be a sunshine student and share their warmth with others!