Summer Rhapsody 2011


The annual concert Summer Rhapsody 2011 of Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College has again been a celebrated success of the school. Students showcased their talents on the stage, bringing an immensely enjoyable night to the guests, parents, teachers and students.

Summer Rhapsody was held in the Academic Community Hall of the Hong Kong Baptist University on 7th July 2011. The concert was emceed by six students in Putonghua and English. There were performances of various kinds in the concert, namely handbell and handchimes ensembles, harp ensemble, string ensemble, violin solo, saxophone solo and ensemble, choir, solo singing, marching band, jazz dance, tap dance, African drum and dance, rope skipping and magic show. Each and every moment captivated the audience.

The concert began with songs beautifully played by the award-winning handchimes team. Sunshine and hearty laughter were brought to the concert hall by the marvelous moves of the jazz dance, tap dance and rope skipping performance.  While the bows and strings produced lyrical melodies, intense energy and power were brought to the hall by the marching band. The concert ended with African drum and dance in high spirits.
All Nganpolingians were nurtured in an environment that encourages all-round and whole person development. Summer Rhapsody was a precious opportunity for students to showcase their talents to the public. It was aspired to have more students participating in years to come. 

Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College