Project Hope 2010-2011 ¡V Trip to Le¡¦chang


We have been paying annual visit to remote and poverty-stricken villages in Guangdong province of our motherland since our school commencement. This year is no exception and we, 31 students from different levels together with 4 teachers, went to Le’chang during Easter holidays from 27th April to 30th April. 

During the 4-day-3-night trip, our students actively committed themselves to local community service in Le’chang including being student-teacher in two local primary schools, conducting home visit as well as experiencing farm works. Throughout the activities, on one hand, the plight faced by the local underprivileged students deeply saddened our students. On the other hand, the diligence and enthusiasm in learning demonstrated by them surely inspired our students and prompted them to reflect and realize how lucky they are and to cherish what they possess. By all odds, this was also a very good occasion to enhance our students’ understanding towards the development of modern China. To our students, this is really far more fruitful than just learning from textbook.

Finding the trip very meaningful, our students are looking forward to the visit next year if they have a chance. Hopefully this activity would engage more students in the years to come. More importantly, our school plans to establish a teaching building for local primary education in Le’chang in the near future. Fund will be raised for this purpose through different channels and major school functions. Your support would be very much appreciated.

Teacher In-charge: Mr. Lam Cho Hon