Guidance Week


Our school-wide guidance week this year aimed to nurture the sense of responsibility of students. To let students realize the importance of their responsible acts, the theme of the mass program this year was °•Our every move matters.°¶

During the guidance week this year, various activities were organized to enlighten students on their responsibility in different roles. They appreciated the insightful works on the display boards created by their schoolmates. There were also booth games through which students learnt the responsibility towards themselves, their family, the school, the community and the environment. The cooking competition attracted many Nganpolingians to show their talents. At the end of the week, students joined effort to decorate a big banner by putting stickers with their pictures on the gears. It conveys the message that all of us are indispensable parts of the gears to advance the development of the world, which echoes with the theme of program this year.

The events organized and the works shown during the guidance week were a result of hard work made throughout the year and they foster collaboration of different subject and functional committees. Contributions to the numerous display boards exhibited during the week were made by students°¶ effort in various subjects such as English, Chinese, French, Liberal Studies, Biology, History, BAFS and Visual Arts. The popular environmentally friendly stapler selling counter was set up by students taking Business Studies under the guidance of subject teachers. Not only does the guidance week help provide a platform for students to show their talents in different aspects, it also facilitates appreciation among students. It is hoped that students can learn to shoulder their responsibility towards the creation of a better world!