First Swimming Gala


It was the most expected morning in Ngan Po Ling College’s history. Students and teachers gathered in the swimming pool in Kowloon Park and witnessed the unprecedented moment, the start of the first school swimming gala. 

At 8:00 in the morning students swarmed the entrance, moved along the corridors leading to the podium, struggled for a good seat in order to have a good view of the pool, while participants paced up and down, teething and vowing to do their best. Nganpolingians eagerly waited for the start of this exciting event. The official ceremony finally kicked off with the speech made by the Principal followed by the teachers’ swimming event. From the start, there was never a moment of boredom. 

Throughout the morning, students watched intently at every swimmer and cheered up for them. They were jaw-dropped at their peers’ impeccable swimming skills. The competitors jumped into the water as soon as they heard the tasting gun and glided along, thrust forward with muscular arms and strong legs. Every movement was precise and propelling, winning them rounds of applause and sighs of amazement.  Excitement mingled with amusement. While some student participants showed their professional skills, others enjoyed themselves with a splash of water. There were hilarious moments when some barely knew how to swim but with bravery, threw themselves into the water and tried their utmost to swim till their energy had been used up, then came the rescuers. Yet, their sportsmanship still won our hearts. 

A solemn moment of guests presenting prizes and the guest of honour’s speech signaled the end of swimming gala. Students will always remember this first experience of joining a swimming gala when their schoolmates competed against each other and teachers brought fun to them by exhibiting their swimming talent.