Activities for School Student Hostel Boarders


Bowling Fun Day (22 November 2010)

- A bowling fun day was held on 22 November 2010 for the boarders. They all enjoyed this recreational sports activity.

Christmas Party (18 December 2010)

- Our boarders had a warm and wonderful moment at the Christmas party on 18 December 2010. Delicious lunch buffet and Christmas gifts draw made this festive celebration full of joy.

Movie Appreciation Night (13 January 2011)

- After the 1st Term Examination, the boarders voted to watch the movie “Tourist” at the Whampoa Golden Harvest Cinema for relaxation.  

Spring Dinner (14 February 2011)

- The boarders gathered to have Spring Dinner on 14 February 2011. They enjoyed fantastic Chinese cuisines to celebrate the Year of Rabbit.