Chinese Cultural Day and Interim Prize Giving Ceremony 2010-2011


Studying is something really taxing to many people, but not in Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College. The school aims at providing a joyful, harmonious yet competitive learning environment. Besides flourishing academics, moral, social, physical and aesthetic aspects of students are also developed.

As part of school life, students are always entertained. Students not only learn their subject matters, but they get to understand who they are. The school recently organized a Chinese Culture Day to cultivate students' interests in Chinese culture and educate students about their very own culture. The school hosted a traditional Lion Dance performance coupled with booth games to let students learn about traditional Chinese culture in an enjoyable way.

Encouragement is a key to success, and the school has demonstrated just that. An Interim Prize Giving Ceremony is held after every term to mark the splendid achievements put together by students', teachers' and parents' close cooperation. During the ceremony, a special guest of honor always shares his/her wisdom with students. This year, Ms. Pauline Ng Man Wah, Secretary General of Legislative Council Secretariat enlightened students on the joy of learning. Ms. Ng reminded students that smiling is the best way to cope with adversity. After encouragements from prize giving, music was performed by students to help everyone relax. During the ceremony, wisdom, encouragement and joy reminded students of the mission at hand.

In addition to special events, students of Ngan Po Ling College enliven and inspire each other, teachers guide them with their wisdom. Students there have dreams, joyful memories and wisdom nurtured by the school through diverse activities, shaping them into today's hope, and tomorrow's leading light.