Science Week 2011


Science Week, our annual school function, was first organized by the Science Club this year. Various events covering a range of scientific topics were launched on school campus, aiming to provide our students another way to learn and enjoy the maze of Science outside classroom. Through participating in activities, students could not only enrich their science knowledge, but also have a closer look at the science world and train their own presentation skills.

The theme of Science Week this year was Green Science. We hoped to raise students’ awareness on environmental issues. On the first four days of the Science Week, there were game booths on the ground floor during lunch break. Experiment demonstration and interesting workshops were held by student helpers after school, like making ginger milk curd and the synthesis of nylon. A debate competition “Animal testing on cosmetic product is allowed” was held on the last day. Participants showed their good understanding of the subject, and the audience was concentrated on the debate. Moreover, students could get involved in the Science Week by entering “Science Quizzes”, which was consisted of 20 questions covering different disciplines of science. Students with the highest mark and classes with the highest participation rate were awarded in the prize presentation ceremony on the last day of Science Week.

To conclude, Science Week is successful in teaching students Science in an interactive way and it gives students and helpers a great chance to grow.

(Teacher in charge: Dr. Cheng MK and Mr. Yeung HL)

Students looking at the Microscopic World!
Student demonstrating how to use natural ink
Students demonstrating how to produce ginger milk
Teachers  from Shanghai and Guangzhou also participated in the activities of Science Week
Students waiting for the debate competition
A Junior form debater delivering her speech
Our principal Dr. Hong presenting prize to the winner of “Science Quizzes”
Our principal Dr. Hong presenting prize to the best participating class of “Science Quizzes”