Village Casserole Feast (also known as ˇ§Poon Choiˇ¨)


To celebrate New Year 2011, we held a tasty Village Casserole Feast (also known as Poon Choi) at school on 14 January to share a wonderful night with our principal, teachers, parents and students. There were also a series of exciting games making the Feast more enjoyable for all participants. The lucky draw and bingo games brought the climax of the Feast. The Feast was not only an event for celebration, but also a great opportunity for both parents and teachers to communicate with each other. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gracefulness to our parents and students for their participation. Sincere thanks also go to all parent-helpers and prize sponsors for their kind assistance and fervent support, which contribute much to the success of the Village Casserole Feast this year.

Programme In-charge: Ms Hung Lan Ying Carie, Mr Lee Wang Sze