Parent Workshop Love My Family


Every year, the Parent-Teachers Association of Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College arranges various activities and encourages participation from our parents. Through activities, we not only learn new things, but also meet other parents and teachers. We have fun, exchange experience of taking care of our children and also share information about their school life.

The Love My Family Workshop was held in 4 consecutive Saturdays between November and December. Participants included parents from different forms of the school. In order to cater different needs of parents whose kids are in different age groups, the workshop was split into 2 sessions in these 4 weeks. By doing so, parents were able to grasp appropriate information and effective ways to deal with their children.

It was our pleasure to invite Ms Lee Suk-Fai, a registered social worker, to run the Love My Family Workshop. Ms Lee was eager to share her insights and experience and vividly showed various possible methods in everyday life for our reference. At the same time, she encouraged group discussions and made us understand more.

In fact, it’s very common for parents to say they love their family. However, do you know how to deliver this message practically? Below are some effective ways and steps that we learnt from Ms Lee:

  1. Communication is important in a family.
  2. We need to understand the pressure and difficulties of others.
  3. We should show our love and care to each family member all the times.
  4. By doing so, a happy family will be established.
The Love My Family Workshop was very successful. We are grateful to Ms Lee for spending her time and effort for all of us. We were benefited a lot from her expertise and advice. In addition, we greatly appreciate the support and encouragement from our parents. In the near future, we will arrange more activities and workshops and we look forward to meeting, learning and sharing experience with each of you.