PTA Extraordinary General Meeting & Seminar


In order to foster the communication between parents and the school and to elevate the quality of work of PTA, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) was held on 20 May 2010. More than 95% of attendees supported the motion to slightly revise the PTA constitution. (Please refer to our website for the amended constitution.) Our heartfelt thanks go to all parents and teachers. Their keen support and active participation are essential attributes for sound development of PTA as well as better home-school communication and co-operation.

We are also glad to have invited Mr. Fritz Pang, an experienced educational psychologist, to host a talk on :Cultivating Teenager・s Willpower; during our Extraordinary General Meeting on 20 May 2010. By comparing differences between their own experiences during growth and those of their children, parents and teachers were able to grasp the skills in raising the willpower of teenagers nowadays.

During the two-hour talk, Mr. Pang was eager to share his insight on training teenager・s willpower. He also vividly showed various possible methods for our reference in everyday life. Many parents agreed on his views and enjoyed listening to the talk. After that, some parents stayed behind and discussed related issues with Mr. Pang, who was very responsive to parents・ questions.

We appreciate Mr. Pang・s coming to conduct the talk for us. We are all greatly benefited from his expertise and advice that evening

Teacher In-charge: Miss Li Man Wai