Guidance Week - From Social Etiquette to a Harmonious World


Every year, our School-wide Guidance Committee dedicates a week to raise awareness of students’ developmental issues. To let students understand the importance of social etiquette in their daily interaction with others, the theme of mass program this year is ‘From Social Etiquette to a Harmonious World.’

In the Guidance Week this year, various activities were organized with the aim to enhance the social etiquette of students. They appreciated the insightful works on the display boards created by their schoolmates. In the booth games, they also learnt the appropriate ways to enhance their attitudes and manners towards others as well as the environment. By donating canned food to a non-government organization, students learnt to take care of the needy in the society. The cake decoration activity attracted teams of Nganpolingians to design toppings for ready-made cakes. Students were also given opportunities to express their views about social harmony in a lunch time forum. They also benefited a lot from the seminar on social etiquette given by Ms. Mary Cheung. At the end of the Week, both junior and senior students joined effort to decorate a big banner by putting stickers and their pictures on the music notes to complete the school song.
The events organized and the works shown during the Guidance Week were the result of hard work made throughout the year. They are the collaboration of subject panels and functional committees. Contributions to numerous display boards exhibited during the week were made by students’ effort in various subjects such as English, Chinese, French, Liberal Studies, Biology, History, Geography and Visual Arts. The production of various outstanding pieces in the cake decoration competition was supported by Home Economics. Under the supervision of subject teachers, students taking business studies set up a popular notebook-selling counter. Not only does the Guidance Week help provide a platform for students to show their talents in different aspects, it also encourages appreciation among students. We hope that students can apply what they have learnt in the program to every moment of their life, so that a harmonious society can be created!