English Week - F.2 Story Telling Competition



Environmental Superman
Cheryl Poon 2D

Once upon a time, there was a superman called Cyrus. He was a man with good heart, however, he was a Pro environmental protection man.

One day, he was shopping on the street, and eating snacks, in a minute, he ate all the snacks in a packet and threw it onto the street without a moment’s hesitation. By the way, he also never cleans his room and therefore, his room was just like a landfill with heaps of small little insects jumping up and down.

Time passed, one day when he was still enjoying his meal, he heard someone shout “someone please help!”
“Help! Help!” he heard again to his horror.
“It’s my time!” he murmured as he was the superhero.
He jumped out of the window which made people’s eyes pop!
“Wow!” people shouted. Cyrus gave a smile of pure pleasure and started searching for the victim.

In no time, Cyrus found the victim, she was covered by a lot of rubbish and she couldn’t get out of it. Cyrus wanted to pick her up but it was difficult for him. In no time, the woman died. Cyrus felt incapable and sorry for her, and he realized that he should not throw the rubbish on the street and make the environment worse.

Some days later, he resisted his temptation to throw rubbish on the street.
“It is not bearable if you make the environment bad and you are bad if you’re selfish! Help others; help yourself, help the environment!” Cyrus told people whenever he saw people throwing rubbish on the street. He had learnt his lesson the hard way.

1st Runner-up

2B Kerri Martinez (20)
The tree and two books

Once upon a time two books were walking through the park …except that it wasn’t really a park anymore. More like a desert, a little green but mostly brown.

And to make it worse, it was incredibly hot. Definitely desert-like. Suddenly, they saw a tree weeping in the middle of the park. They walked up to him and introduced themselves. “Hi , I’m Justin and this is Nick, um… are you okay?” One of the books said. The tree said, “Go away you cruel thing!” The books were offended. Nick said, “Um, what did I do to you?” The tree said, “You killed my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother and everyone else. Don’t talk to me!” Still feeling confused, the books just stood there. A few minutes later, a man with a chopper came and took that last tree down. This explained a little bit, but still confused the two books. And then… IT HAPPENED! 2012 came before expected. The Earth began to shake and the sky became dark. They knew this was the end. And they saw this tree who looked exactly like the one they saw just now. Except this one was white and transparent. “A GHOST!” Nick said. “Everyone wasted paper, electricity and more…” “You cut my family down and other trees… now, there is nothing to help you keep the Earth cool… NOW YOU PAY!” And then everything went black, pure black. That was the end. And now, everyone regrets it.

2st Runner-up

A bird’s message
Yoko Chan 2D

“Oh… Mum. I miss my little twinkle. I am so worried about him! I cried to my mum. “Don’t worry! Maybe he just got lost. He will come back soon!” My mum answered, trying to calm me down. “No, I don’t think so… He won’t come back anymore. It has been 3 mouths since I’ve got any message…”

Twinkle , is my little bird friend which can talk, write and listen to me. He is my very good friend! He will write me messages after his flying trip. But in these 3 mouths, I haven’t received any messages. I think he is in danger. Let me share with you some of his messages.

2/3/09 “Hey! My dear friend! The weather is sunny and dry here. I flew to a little village in mainland China today. I saw so many people crying there. A farmer is crying because the farmland is dry and it has been a long time since it rained. The crop’s yield is very low. A child is crying because she is thirsty. There’s no water in the well. Oh, poor people…” he wrote. I bet people in the towns are not treasuring water so people in mainland China don’t have enough water. So please treasure water from now on.

6/4/09 “Hey! My dear friend! I am tired now. My home on a tree has disappeared, and the tree is also gone. Maybe the people who came to the forest today cut them off. They cut off many trees everyday. I am so afraid that one day there will be no trees in the forest. Now, I gotta built a new house. Will write to you later!” Oh my poor twinkle, he is so unlucky. People are not treasuring the trees, paper, the forests. They cut off every tree from the forest and it may lead to sandstorm one day.

10/5/09 “Hey! My dear friend! I am feeling so unwell now! I flew to a factory today. The air is very dirty there! I can’t even breathe! I tried to fly back but I couldn’t. Maybe it’s because of the food I ate yesterday. It didn’t taste good and I think there was pesticide in it. Oh, help me please!” he wrote. Oh! Twinkle are you okay? I am so worried about you.  After that he never sent a message…

We are destroying our Earth everyday and we are destroying our living conditions. One day, we will not be able to breathe, there will not be enough water for us. The sandstorms may destroy our country! So, let’s treasure our environment and treasure the things around us and not kill more twinkles for our comfort.