English Week - F.1 Poem Competition



Visiting Ocean Park    

Raghbir Singh 1A        (23)     

Going to Ocean Park is fun.
But the problem is, I can’t go with my mum.
The best ride is The Dragon.
But the problem is, for the elderly they don’t have a wagon.

I also like the Flying Swings.
After riding them, I bought some chicken wings.
In Ocean Park, there’s going to be a competition for juggling.
But before that, I want to go bungee jumping.

In Ocean Park, the weather is always sunny!
But the clowns there are very funny.
Going to Ocean Park is really fun!
Ahh!  I can’t wait to get home and eat a bun.

first runner-up

Ocean Park Fun

1A Gurung Sunichhya (7)

The fun thing about Ocean Park,
is going there with my friend Mark,
screaming our heads off on the rides,
and listen to the sea lions bark.

Sitting on the Mine Train,
everytime freezes my brain,
when the train reaches at its peak,
I feel like I’m sitting on top of a crane.

Hey! And don’t forget the exciting Abyss,
That always scares me and my buddies,
Because when we reach the top,
We start getting butterflies in our tummies.

And did you ever try the Space wheels?
I bet everyone did, except the seals,
After going around round and round,
I forget how riding on the Space wheels feels!

So many theme parks everywhere,
making you go here and there,
but Ocean Park is the best of all,
even better than going to the mall!

Second runner-up
Ocean Park
Kelvin Chan    1A        (2)

I like to go to Ocean Park
And play a lot of games in the Park
I like to watch the sharks
And see them in the dark.

I saw some workers
Controlling the roller coaster.
I want to be a volunteer
To control the roller coaster.

I am going to take a cable car
And see the view from afar.
When I am passing through the mountain
I feel so frightened.

Second runner-up
The funny place
Hagan Wong   1A        (28)
I see a clown
Walking up and down.
Go to the kids town,
And then win a crown.

Pandas up the sky,
Shouting out and cry.
Shark without teeth,
Pretending to be a thief.

Dolphins playing bands,
Happily waving hands.
Riding air balloon,
Come back see you soon.