Student Dormitory Activities Review: Dessert Party in September 2009/06/26

To enrich boardersˇ¦ hostel life, and establish a harmonious hostel culture, we organize different activities every month. We had just held a Dessert Party in Mid September.

The boarders had already moved in the dormitory for almost a month,

Letˇ¦s share some feedback from them.

ˇ§The facilities in the dormitory are excellent, boarders are friendly.ˇ¨ From F.1A Kan Tin Lok

ˇ§ It saves me so much traveling time to go to school. And life in dormitory is wonderful!ˇ¨ From F.3D Lau Kin San

ˇ§The dormitory provides me a peaceful and comfortable environment for studyˇ¨ From F.5D Lai Yun Kai