PTA Seminar and Parents Gathering (May) 2009/06/02

We are glad to have invited Ms Chan Man Yee, host of a family programme of the RTHK and founder of a local parenting group, to give us a talk on parent-child relationships on 22 May 2009. In the talk, Ms Chan elaborated on acceptance as an important way for parents to show their love and care towards their teenage children. Both parents and teachers were intrigued by Ms Chan¡¦s interesting stories and her sharing of personal experiences. The Q&A session was the climax of the evening where the audience generated many eager questions. Ms Chan and her assistant¡¦s responses gave us insight on important issues like generation gap and teens¡¦ academic achievement. The talk ended in a great round of applause.





Talk on Parent-child Relationship
Ms Chan sharing her experiences with us