Visit to Science Faculty of the Chinese University of Hong Kong 2009/05/25

Our Form 6A students went to visit the Science Faculty of the Chinese University of Hong Kong on the 30 April 2009. Besides a tour around various laboratories, a talk on admission to the Chemistry program of CUHK was given.

During the tour, Form 6A students got a valuable chance to see some very advanced instruments used in chemistry-related experiments, such as the atomic absorption (AA) spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma (ICP)-optical emission spectrometer and the gas chromatograph / mass spectrometer (GC/MS) system. Our students learned what kind of experiments they would have to do if they entered science-related programs at university. Moreover, they had a deeper understanding on how modern chemical instrumentation incorporated in their daily life.

After a very fruitful tour of the chemistry and biochemistry laboratories, the students entered a lecture room for a seminar. Dr. Mak, the person in-charge of the activity, told our students about the job opportunities of majoring in Chemistry, and what kind of admission grades were required if they wished to pursue further study in Chemistry at CUHK. The participants could certainly get a clearer picture of what kind of goals they should have, and whether they think Chemistry is a suitable major for them.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the staff members of the Science Faculty of the CUHK for arranging such a valuable tour and seminar for our students who have got a glimpse of the Science Faculty, and got a chance to learn more about Chemistry!

Teacher in charge: Dr. Cheng Man Kit