English Week 2009/05/20

Various kinds of activities in all levels were held at Ngan Po Ling College during English Week (4 May ˇV 8 May), ranging from lyrics production to movie dubbing, all of which were entertaining and engaging to our students.

For Form 1, we had a creative poem writing competition. The good works were uploaded on the Intranet where students and teachers voted for their favourite ones. Apart from that, a winning poem was also selected from each English group.

Form 2 students, on the other hand, were asked to rewrite the lyrics of songs according to their preferences and appetites. They then performed and recorded their creations, and the best ones were broadcast in school.

For Form 3, a radio live performance took place as a result of studentsˇ¦ dedication to script-writings and repeated rehearsals. We were honored to have our Principal, Mrs Hong, and Ms Anu from English Department as our adjudicators. All students at the Form 3 level benefited from their practical experience and the adjudicatorsˇ¦ comments.

It was even more challenging at Form 4 as selected outstanding students took part in a quiz show held at the lecture theatre. Much of the audience was absorbed in the competition and became strong cheering teams, which excited both teachers and participants.

As for Form 6, a movie trailer voice-over competition was held. Students changed the content of the voices in movie trailers and produced new versions with funny and meaningful dubbings. According to the adjudicators, Mr Cheung and Ms Lam, a number of the dubbed trailers were of native speakersˇ¦ standards!

Language can always be a tool for fun! Letˇ¦s keep up our rich EMI environment!

Results and winning works of the F1 and F2 competitions

Form 4 interclass quiz
Scrabble competition
Drama performance by junior form students
Seminar on dictionary use
Form 3 radio play competition
Drama performance by Chunky Onion Productions