Science Week 2009/05/06

Science Week is an annual school activity co-organized by the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Integrated Science. Various events covering a range of scientific topics are launched on school campus, aiming to provide our students with an exciting vision of the world of science. They also give students an opportunity to meet and interact with science-subject teachers through different scientific experiments and activities.

There is a specific theme for Science Week each year. The topic of this year is ˇ§Amazing Scienceˇ¨. We hope our students can enjoy and explore the world of amazing science by hand-on experience gained in different science activities.

On the first three days of Science Week, there were game booths set by different science departments at the podium on the 1st floor during lunch break. Demonstration of experiments and interesting activities were held by different departments for our students who showed great eagerness and participated actively in different games. They could receive stamps after each task and then collect presents as an encouragement.

We also invited Professor M. Sun of the University of Hong Kong to conduct a seminar titled ˇ§Chemistry in Earth Scienceˇ¨. All participants have a deeper understanding in the research of Earth Science in Hong Kong through the seminar.

On the fourth day, there was a debate competition judged by Mr. Tong. 2 groups of students respectively expressed their viewpoints for and against ˇ§Bio fuels are better alternative to fossil fuelsˇ¨. They performed very well and showed their talent during the competition. Apart from curriculum time, students could enter the ˇ§Science MC Quizˇ¨ at home during the Science Week. The Quiz consisted of 40 challenging multiple choice questions covering different domains of science. Students with the highest mark and classes with the highest participation rate were awarded.

In conclusion, the Science Week offered our students a platform to explore the amazing science world, and inspired them to pursue scientific knowledge inside and outside the curriculum.



I can put a coin on a paper!
Mr. Wong explaining the theory behind the super absorber
What is inside the coloured water?
Mr. Kwok, I would like to know the answer, please!
Prof. M. Sun giving a seminar to our students.? He talked about how Chemistry is applied in Earth Science.
Mr. Tong presenting prize to the winner of the debate competition.