Staff Development Workshop íV How to Relax in Teaching Life? 2009/04/22

Our school cares the spiritual values of the teachers as much as their professional development. In the latest staff development programme held on 13 April 2009, Dr. Simon Chau, a front-line environmentalist, was invited to share his views and beliefs on healthy diets, organic food, green lifestyle and environmental conservation with our staff. Dr. Chau and his colleagues also demonstrated how to make wholesome snacks and dessert that day. All attendees had an opportunity to taste his rice cracker and ice cream made of fresh fruits and nuts as well as caffeine-free tea.

In the last session of the programme, all staff enjoyed a meditation hosted by Dr. Chau. Under a tranquil atmosphere, the vast majority felt refreshed and relaxed after a very hectic teaching schedule over the past few weeks.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Chau and his colleagues for arranging this rewarding seminar for our teachers. LetíŽs lead a simpler and greener life from now on, for ourselves, for our planet, for our next generation!

22 April, 2009