Guidance Week - We are NganPoLingians! 2009/04/03

Every year, the school-wide guidance committee dedicates a week to raise awareness of students・ developmental issues. Stepping into its forth year of implementation, the guidance week shifts its focus from personal development issues to interpersonal and social development areas. The mass program in this year, along with the slogan .We are Nganpolingians・, was carried out with an aim to promote students・ sense of belonging towards the school.

Within the one-week intensive program, various sorts of activities were organized and they involved students in all levels to participate. Students learn to appreciate different kinds of artwork through voting for the designs of school test papers in an online election campaign. In the nomination of best school photos, students were given an opportunity to browse through a series of photos taken in past school years and select their favourites out of a collection of pictures capturing different aspects of NPL school life. In the cake decoration activity, teams of Nganpolingians compete to design toppings to ready-made cakes to make various interpretations on how they as students relate to the school as a family. At the end of the week, students in both the junior and senior sections joined effort to produce a 12-feet long banner on which more than 100 Nganpolingians・ signatures were marked.

The guidance week was an one-off event to promote the guidance theme of the year, however, the events organized and the products shown during the week were a result of hard work made throughout the year and they cover the collaboration of subject and functional committees. Contributions to the numerous display boards exhibited during the week were made by students・ free-writing in English language and French, short essays in Chinese language and news commentary in Integrated Humanities. The popular stationery-selling counter was set up by students taking business studies and their whole designing and sale process were directed under close monitoring of subject teachers. Various outstanding pieces of designs in the cake decoration competition and school test papers came from the skills acquired from practical subjects like Home Economics and Visual Arts. Not only does the guidance week helps build up students・ sense of belonging toward our school, the activity week also provides a platform on which students・ talents in different aspects and their everyday efforts were acknowledged.

We・re looking forward to bringing out some more good stuff next year!

03 April, 2009

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袴g根^淵]AΝ|だ, 樟釜i蹄, u豢R醇, 擬崑I異, 嬢B]p, HのU寵譽錆^覆饒.

OΩ^墳犇凶Qi, Τ逗U譽惠墾儁vM焦ネ困筰, SOb孔h疎NのaF讀儁vだOb盒規譽錆^覆さ垢_Q嵯N┌


Our students devoted all their hearts into their work and you can simply see their delicate handwork on the cakes. They all had a splendid time together!
This photo was taken upon the accomplishment of the collective work. The banner looks spectacular from a height!
Students flocking in to join the collective work.
The stationary stall was one of the highlights and the NPL files were welcomed by both students and teachers.
Heart-touching songs were played while the collective work was under construction. With various messages being read and posted in the counter, the whole campus is surrounded by love and care.
Do you consider them as Nganpolingians? Frankly speaking, they are the real inhabitants of the school!