English Week
5 May to 9 May 2008

The English Week once again illuminated the whole school this year from 5th to 9th May 2008. As diversified as its theme ˇ§All the Worldˇ¦s a Stageˇ¨ could suggest, the English week allowed students to experience various performing arts, movie shows and theatre-related activities.

During the English Week, the games set up by F.1 and F.4 English Ambassadors have brought creative and fun times to the school. We were entertained with games which shed light on international blockbusters, movie quotes and caption writing, as well as impressed by the creativity and spontaneity of participants. Our F.4 students have shown their particular talents through such live performances as short dramas, radio plays and book sharing. Other students were not left out. They enjoyed the daily lunchtime movie showings, and most importantly, the Interactive Drama Performance - Romeo and Juliet - very much.

English learning doesn't only take place in classrooms, as we have always stressed. We hope that our students have not only learnt but also found fun from all the activities we have prepared for them.

Student experts introducing their favourite book- Daddy Long Legs
Judy is not welcomed by her classmates.
Daddy Long Legs is dying!
Student performers enjoying the sea of applause from the audience.
An all-star cast in the Chunky Onion production of Romeo and Juliet
Volunteers in the Drama performance get to practice their (ch)oral skills!
Another great question from the students in the Q&A session with the actors after the show.
The drama was at times very intense!
All was well for the famous couple in the end.