Summer Internship 2007 - Mainland Headwear Holdings Ltd. and Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College
June 8, 2007

¡§Our task is not only to learn in Madam Ngan¡¦s enterprise ¡V but to learn to excel with her enterprise.¡¨ After enjoying a day of visit with Madam Ngan in her company located in Shenzhen, the four chosen F.7 students are determined to live up to their promise in the coming fortnight, 11th June to 22nd June.

With the generosity of our school donor, Madam Ngan, our school has launched the Summer Internship Programme 2007 for the F.7 students to visualize and experience how the business world goes round. Madam Ngan is one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs of China. She has succeeded in running her Mainland Headwear Holdings Ltd. which has taken up one-quarter of the whole world¡¦s headwear market share. This is an unprecedented attempt of collaboration between a Po Leung Kuk secondary school and an gigantic enterprise.

The fun of summer vacation, the laughter of reunion, are nothing compared with the struggle for goal-oriented hard work, for serving customers from all around the world and for visualizing their own future.

May our school members¡¦ hearty thanks go to Madam Ngan for the precious time and opportunities she has spared with us, for the efficient lines of production, friendly staff members she has introduced to us and for the vacancies she has granted to our F.7 students to have a taste in entrepreneurship.

Our first group of Summer Interns, brace yourselves to your duties and so bear yourselves that. For you, this is a task as serious as A-L examination itself. You must apply yourselves to your task with the same resolution, the same sense of urgency, the same spirit of faithfulness and commitment as you had shown in the public exam.

Ms Carmen YM Chau, Ms Dan HT Lee,
Mr. Tommy CW Wong and Mr. John CM Tong
For the Summer Internship Programme 06-07


Person-in-charge: Mr. John CM Tong
8 June, 2007



Madam Ngan explained to us her way in leading and managing her business. She has got a very strong sense of humour and charisma of business leader.
More than a drop of golden sun bless us and summer breeze touches our faces. Behind us are mango trees and long¡¦an trees that Madam Ngan has planted all around her enterprise. Every year, she shares the fruits with every one working with her.
Our F.7 students joining Madam Ngan¡¦s Internship Programme would be staying in this quarter which is the accommodation for managerial staff and their families from Hong Kong.
At the frontline, Madam Ngan has already started coaching our F.7 interns on her business.
Mr. Ngan and Madam Ngan, may our gratitude goes to you for your generosity!
- §¹ End -