Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
January 24, 2007

Our school had arranged for an interactive English Drama on the 24th of January 2007 called ¡§Aladdin and the Magic lamp¡¨ presented by Chunky Onion Productions: a theatre group performing interactive drama shows in English for school children. Students had fun while they enjoyed the show.


This interactive drama was a complete success. Chunky Onion Production had done a fantastic job and had impressed everyone with their wonderful performance. I was the MC of the program and I had an amazing time. I was told to be myself when saying my lines, or even to go wild! It was the first time that I got to say my lines and express myself in such a liberal way. After we (my co-host and I) introduced the Chunky Onion Production, after a while, we were called onto the stage again to help David encourage our audience to make sounds. David was so funny and I was having such a great time. The drama was fun as well, the actors acted so well. It showed that they were actually enjoying what they were doing. After the drama was over, we got to take a short interview of the actors. We asked them questions about their work and their lives, and they answered with couple of jokes. They were a little different from what they played in the drama, but of course, they were all still funny! Overall, it was a great experience that I¡¦m sure I will treasure for a long, long time.

Being one of the masters of ceremony for the drama ¡§Aladdin and the Magic Lamp¡¨ was really a fresh and enjoyable experience for me. First, I had never tried being an Emcee at this sort of interactive occasion. My past experiences were only being the Emcee at the school¡¦s Opening Ceremony and the Form 1 Parent¡¦s Day, which were much more formal when compared to this drama. Also, the crowd and the actor on the stage were much more interactive than the ones in my previous experiences. The interaction between the Emcees, the actor and the audience was so huge that I thought the show had already started and I was a really big part of the whole thing.
The drama was a very neat and humorous production, Chunky Onion Productions¡¦ actors and actress were able to interact with the audience very well with jokes and mispronounced Cantonese words, although I must admit not all of my schoolmates were able to do so.

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, was the name of the drama that took place in our school. To be honest, the school really gave us some enjoyment with this drama. Plus, in my opinion, the best we've ever had ever since these past few years.Humour, interaction, creativity and a big load of awesome acting. Those were the things I've seen in this drama. And I really enjoyed it (despite the embarrassment I had when I had to go up there for some time). There may have been some dialogues spoken that some of the Chinese students may not have understood. But even though they didn't really understand, I think they liked the acting. The acting really gave away what was going on.Everything in the drama was thought out well. I understood everything that was going on, and enjoyed the humour. We've never really had such people like them with so much enthusiasm to perform for us. They looked really experienced and professional.I hope we can have more dramas like this in the future!



- §¹ End -