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Cultural Collage 2006 For Green, For Peace, For All the Teens
November 20, 2006

The second Cultural Collage 2006, under the theme of ‘For Green, For Peace, For All the Teens’, marked another unprecedented event in Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College. 6 schools from 5 places joined together and contributed to the success of this program and students learned a lot.

Students learned what true friendship really means. Students were able to build up such an intimate relationship with students from New Zealand, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai in this 6-day program. From the tears that students shed, from the smile on their faces and from the signatures and pictures that they signed and drew on the program T-shirts, I know this program, though ended on the 13th of November, 2006, signified the beginning of a life-long friendship among our students and those from overseas.

Communication is the best tool to solve problems and students were able to overcome the language barrier and engaged themselves fully in the program using English and Putonghua to communicate with each other. Though language proficiency varied among participants, with the effort that students made, they were all able to take good care of their buddies. Hong Kong delegates are all good hosts. Through effective communication, students understand more about the notion of environmental protection in different places, how policies are implemented and the role that teenagers should play in this issue.

Students learned valuable lessons in this program. They are the things which can never be obtained in classrooms and textbooks. As one of the members in the organizing committee, I gained trust and support from my colleagues which, I believe, can never be gained elsewhere.

Person-in-charge : Miss Chiu Lai Nga
20 November, 2006



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