New Zealand Exchange Tour 2005
August 10-23, 2005  

Traveling is always an opportunity to learn. We can't know all the things that happen in this big World just by studying inside a tiny classroom and that's one of the reasons why our school organizes Exchange Tours for our students. This summer, 20 students with 3 teachers took the flight across the Equator and reached the southern hemisphere of the Earth. Kaikorai Valley College in Dunedin of New Zealand was our destination.

We felt relaxed because we could see the bright and beautiful environment of New Zealand. We felt satisfied because we attended lessons in the College and learnt a lot there. We felt embraced because we built up friendships with the school, the buddies and the home-stay families. We felt excited because we sheared sheep; we saw wildlife penguins and we tried different activities that we had never tried before. This was learning and an experience so memorable never to be forgotten. 14 days passed away quickly, we laughed as we enjoyed and cried as we missed our friends.

We are only physically far away from our friends in New Zealand as we are mentally close to them as we will keep in touch with them till we see them again and that will be soon. In the coming year, we will have an Exchange Programme in Hong Kong again and we are looking forward to meet each other once more in our next Cultural Collage.

Person-in-charge: Mr. Ho Choi Tin Martin, Mr. Heung Chun Yu and Ms. Meiyappan Anuradha

1 September, 2005



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