English for Fun - The English Week
April 25-29, 2005  

Apart from the English Speaking Day every Wednesday, we have made 25th to 29th April 2005 the English Week. The theme of the English Week was "English in Life". Its purpose was to encourage students to learn and speak in English through participating in interesting games.

We set up booths of different English games during lunch time that week. Students enjoyed different games, such as Tongue Twister, Situational Games, Riddles, Test your Slang and Debate. We also had a Song Dedication Section during lunch time throughout that week. Students dedicated songs to the teachers and fellow classmates.

Besides, students showed their creativity by making display boards. They made posters, booklets and video clips on the themes of "English in different situations" and "Slang in different countries". Not only did they show their creativity, but they also practised their research skill in the process.

Our aim has always been to allow students to learn English in a relaxing environment. The English Week was a success. Teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed the games and it was a great enjoyment for students to participate in the games.

Organizing Department: English Department

June 1, 2005


Riddles - Can you try them out?

Riddles - Can you try them out?

Can she solve the riddles?

Our beautiful student helper!

Students were very enthusiastic
to try the tongue twisters

Students were very enthusiastic
to try the tongue twisters
Time is running out!
Don't move or I'll kill you!
The debate - "Using English as the medium of instruction in secondary schools
enhances Hong Kong students' English Proficiency"

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