Cultural Collage: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore
13-18 November, 2004  

In 13-18th November 2005, 40 students from Dunman High School in Singapore, Gezhe Secondary School, Gezhe Junior and Minju Junior Secondary School from Shanghai came to Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College to participate in a trilateral cultural exchange programme.

This 'Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong Cultural Collage' was planned for months, started with heart-warming welcome in the airport, followed by a series of memorable experiences and activities including home stays, tours to scenic spots, hip-hop dance, project work, seminars, debates, and ended with a sentimental farewell bidding. All participants immersed and enjoyed whole-heartedly in all activities. They learned and shared with friends coming from another corner of the world, polished their English and Putonghua and opened up their perspectives and vistas in life.

School administrators of all the participating schools have pledged to continue the connection and more exchange programmes will be conducted in the future as we all regard such programmes bring life-long benefits and unforgettable memories to our students.

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